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Reference Hi-fi Rack

This is our high end isolation rack.


Vibration is always a problem with hi-fi, electronic components and speakers are affected by it. By careful design and use of materials we have developed a rack that out performs anything in it's price range.


Isolation - Stage 1

The shelves are constructed from a laminate of several woods, these are then sat on a ball and socket cup. This effectively isolates the shelves from the supporting rack


Isolation - Stage 2

The shelf support (cross pieces) are constructed from hardwood and are joined with mortise and tenon joints to an oversize supporting pillar. The thickness of the pillar helps to dampen unwanted resonance, the pillars are then fitted with 2" stainless steel spikes.


Shelf dimensions are 500x500. Rack dimensions are 650x650x650 (WxDxH) for 3 shelf and 650x650x800 for 4 shelf.


Support available in Ash, Beech and Oak.

Shelves in Wenge, American Black Walnut and Zebrano.


Contact us for pricing.

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